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Hero Accounting and Finance
Job Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance

Our aim is to help you shape the future of your business in France, anticipate your needs, inform your decisions, and reduce your administrative constraints.

Accounting and Management

Our team of chartered accountants, based across the French territory, are with you at every step as your business grows.

They handle your accounting and advise you on setting up your management tools.

Managing your business effectively

Produce, co-produce or supervise your accounting

  • Monitoring accounting operations
  • Preparing periodic declarations specific to French regulations
  • Drawing up balance sheets
  • Maintaining annual accounts
  • Assisting with the implementation of electronic invoicing

Managing your business effectively

We advise you on the implementation of management tools to facilitate the supervision of your company. Alongside you, we analyse your company’s profitability, from studying your operating cycle to developing budget forecasts and establishing dashboards.



With the aim of contributing to the sustainable growth of your business, our experts are at your disposal to guide you in identifying personalised solutions, in line with your objectives and the specific financial requirements in France.


Combining different types of public or private funding, selecting relevant stakeholders, analysing the financial conditions, managing your dividends and reserves, and meeting your deadlines will ensure the security and sustainability of your project.


Transformation and Succession

Given the importance of the issues involved in transferring a business, we have put together a team of regional specialists. They operate throughout France, applying their expertise based on an approved methodology. Whether it’s an acquisition or a sale, their role is to manage the transaction and the negotiation.

One stop shop

The originality of the approach lies in the trio formed by the transfer experts, the COGEP chartered accountant, who knows the customer’s situation inside out, and COGEP AVOCATS, which handles the legal aspects.

Your acquisition project in France

As part of your growth plans, COGEP Transmission is your ideal partner for:

  • Carrying out a financially optimised business acquisition

  • Securing your business acquisition: due diligence

At your side right through to closing, we advise you on how to take charge of the company, its organisation and management.

Your transfer project in France

Our team of specialists guides you at every stage of your transfer projects:

  • Estimating the value of your company

  • Optimising the tax and social impacts

  • Creating a presentation file for potential buyers

  • Participating in negotiations through to closing

Agriculture – A COGEP speciality

Driven by the desire to provide you with multidisciplinary advice, we have chosen to specialise in the agricultural sector.

  • Choosing your legal status
  • Developing forecasts and financing plans
  • Maintaining accounting and managing tax aspects
  • Supporting your acquisition or sale projects of a farm
  • Complying with French agricultural regulations: accounting, tax, legal, administrative, and environmental standards

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