COGEP International is an English-speaking professional services firm.

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Managers need to be able to rely on the most competent professional to deal with all their issues relating to French law. This is our commitment to excellence in advice.

Our multidisciplinary approach

To respond to this complementarity between the accounting and legal professions, we have integrated specialist lawyers and created COGEP AVOCATS.

This association enables us to provide you with a multidisciplinary team whose members meet identical quality standards. An innovative alliance of legal and accounting professions for a global approach, as close as possible to your company’s need.

COGEP AVOCATS has rapidly become a major player in the legal sphere in France.

Company law
Appropriate advice and day-to-day legal support

Company law

We can answer all your questions, from opening a bank account to choosing your legal form (SARL, SAS, SAS…), registering your company (for the “Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés” or the “Répertoire des Métiers”), dealing with French bodies (URSSAF, “Chambre des métiers et de commerce”…) and providing annual legal support, including filing your annual accounts with the “Greffe du tribunal du commerce”.

Our teams draw up all the documents required for the life of your company in France, from incorporation to dissolution, including all kinds of amendments to the articles of association.

Tax law
Recognised experience in complex tax arrangements and managing tax disputes

Tax law

We can assist and advise you with questions relating to your tax returns (income tax – “Impôt sur le revenue”, wealth tax – “Impôt sur la fortune immobilière” and inheritance tax – “Déclarations de succession”), and in your dealings with the tax authorities. We can also help with tax audits, from amicable settlements to tax disputes before the courts.

Rural law
Understanding of the imposing administrative, legislative, and regulatory framework

Rural and environmental law

Whether you are a landowner, a farmer, a business partner, or a professional body, we can assist you with all issues relating to French rural law. We have in-depth knowledge of the administrative, legislative, and regulatory framework to help you make the right decisions.

Social law
The support you need to deal with the complexities of social law

Social law

Our lawyers specialised in employment and social protection law can help you deal with the growing complexity of French social law. They anticipate future difficulties and offer practical, operational advice tailored to your needs. Finally, they assist and guide you in managing your social law disputes before all courts (industrial tribunal – “Prud’hommes”, employment tribunal – “Pôle social”, criminal court – “Juridictions pénales”).

Banking law
Upstream and downstream advice on managing imbalances with your financial partners

Banking law

We know that managing outstanding debts is one of the major challenges to the long-term future of your business. This is why we intervene both upstream to limit and manage late payments as effectively as possible (general terms and conditions) and downstream to initiate all binding legal measures to enforce collection of your invoices.

Commercial law
Assistance in defining your strategy for protecting your business concept or your intellectual property

Commercial law

Our team specialised in French commercial law can advise you on optimising your contracts (general terms and conditions, selective distribution, franchising…), assist you in your strategy to protect your commercial concept or your intellectual property and defend you when litigation arises (unfair competition…).

Real estate law
Support in preserving your property assets

Real estate law

We can help you prepare your project (planning permission, choice of construction insurance…), manage any difficulties that may arise during or after completion, draw up commercial or professional leases and resolve disputes with tenants, lessors, and other co-owners.