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Although digital technology is often synonymous with saving time and making data processing more secure, it can also represent a threat to your company's security.

Digitalisation encompasses aspects linked to new digital devices that have a direct impact on the life of a company. It has become a necessity in today’s world. However, this transition to digital technology is not without its challenges. Companies have to deal with issues such as cybersecurity, compliance with French standards and change management. 

We are aware that every organisation is unique. Our team offers you an approach and support tailored to your size, your sector of activity and your digital strategy.


Digitalising your organisation

We help your business reach its full potential with innovative technology solutions. We help you transform your administrative organisation through automation and data security.

Digitalising your organisation, anticipating electronic invoicing…: our experts will check, assess, and advise you to help you with your digital projects.


COGEP anticipates electronic invoicing.

Our service offer

COGEP ONLINE: Our digital and collaborative solutions as tools for managing your business.

COGEP ONLINE is a modular service offering that meets 3 categories of needs for your professional structure.

  • Our “pre-accounting” solutions

    • Invoicing,
    • Expense reports,
    • Cashiering
  • Our accounting solutions

    Our packs:

    • Digital
    • Classic Accounting
    • Evolution Accounting
  • Our dedicated HR / Payroll solution

    Our tools

    • Payroll software
    • HR software
Optimising and securing your company’s data

Optimising and securing your company’s data

For an effective digital transition, we offer you our expertise in digital risk management. Our aim: to secure your digital environment and ensure the resilience of your operations in the face of cyber-attacks, while complying with French compliance standards.

COGEP INFORMATIQUE, your partner for a trusted cloud.

We can become your partner in deploying a trusted cloud. We’ll work with you to define a customised offer:

  • from providing your own private cloud to publishing your applications,
  • with sovereign hosting in our own racks,
  • managed entirely by our own staff,
  • backed up and secured by us,
  • with the support your teams need.
Diagnosing and auditing your information system

Diagnosing and auditing your information system

Our teams help small and medium-sized businesses define their IT strategy. We work with you to define the ways in which your organisation can improve in this area, while striving to keep your employees satisfied and your budget under control.

Our action plan : IS organisation, IS monitoring, mobility, access management, security, backup and recovery, and compliance with French standards.

Maintaining your IT equipment

Maintaining your IT equipment

Our teams offer tailor-made maintenance contracts to ensure the continuity and availability of your IT equipment.

Our capabilities:

  • IT audits,
  • advice on equipment upgrades,
  • software solution updates,
  • on-site interventions,
  • loan of equipment in the event of breakdown…
COGEP Informatique

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