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Electronic Invoicing: Let’s Prepare Together

Electronic Invoicing: Let’s Prepare Together

FacturX: Be ready for the new obligations.

Electronic invoicing: the main principles to remember

From 2026 (initially implementation was planned for July 2024), all organisations subject to VAT and operating in the B2B space will have to accept electronic invoices. Depending on their size, the same organisations will have to issue electronic invoices according to a timetable which is yet to be defined by the Finance Law.

Electronic invoicing means sending invoices using FacturX or EDI via an approved circuit. It is not about a scanned paper invoice or a PDF printout.

The question to ask yourself today is: does my invoicing tool comply with these news obligations? 

Today, many small and medium size companies still draw up their invoices using Word or Excel.

Tomorrow, this will be impossible because invoices issued in this format will no longer reach customers and therefore not be paid.

It is therefore essential for all those companies without a compatible tool to anticipate the reform.

FacturX: COGEP’s answers

  • Our free and innovative invoicing tool for the SME market

    We are actively developing an invoicing tool specially designed for the SME market! Our aim is to enable you to manage your invoices simply, quickly, and securely.

    We are keeping a close eye on regulatory developments relating to FacturX, to ensure that all your electronic invoice flows are compliant and efficient.

  • Our Partner Dematerialisation Platform (PDP)

    In response to the imminent introduction of electronic invoicing (FacturX), we at COGEP are in the process of developing an innovative and reliable Partner Dematerialisation Platform.

  • Dedicated Structure and Team

    With a specific structure and team dedicated to our PDP, we are doing everything we can to make a success of this ambitious project, and to ensure that COGEP remains at the cutting edge of digitalisation and interoperability.

Contact us for more information.

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