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« Intéressement, Participation, Epargne Salariale » what do they mean?

"Intéressement, Participation, Epargne Salariale" what do they mean?

The French labour market is increasingly competitive: keeping and motivating talent has become a major concern for companies. “Intéressement, Participation, Epargne Salariale“ are powerful levers for retaining your employees.

A triple challenge: social, economic, and creating loyalty

“Intéressement”, “Participation” and “Epargne Salariale“

Intéressement” allows employees to benefit financially from their company’s performance, while “Participation” gives them the right to a share in profits. These French mechanisms not only encourage cohesion and commitment, they also offer tax advantages to the company.

Company savings plans, “plans d’épargne entreprise (PEE-PEI)” in French, and collective retirement savings plans, “plans d’épargne retraite collectifs (PERCO, PERECO)” in French, offer tax and social security benefits for both employers and employees.

Our expertise:

Our insurance and accountancy experts will guide you in setting up and managing these schemes to ensure the well-being of your company and your employees.

This issue is becoming increasingly important as we approach the new legal requirement of 2025 for the French companies with more than 11 employees.

  • Customising design

    We analyse your business context to propose customised “Intéressement”, “Participation” and “Epargne Salariale” plans that meet the needs of your company and your employees.

  • Simplifying management

    Our integrated accounting expertise enables us to simplify the process of setting up and managing the schemes, while ensuring tax optimisation and compliance with legal obligations, including the new regulation scheduled for January 2025 requiring all French companies with more than 11 employees to set up a value-sharing scheme.

  • Monitoring and adjusting

    We provide you with regular monitoring and recommendations for adapting your plans to changes in legislation and company performance.

Direct benefits for your company

  • Employee commitment: strong employee involvement in the company’s success.
  • Tax optimisation: reduction in social security contributions and taxes thanks to a well-thought-out implementation.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: the possibility of adapting plans to the size and specific needs of the company.

“Intéressement”, “Participation” and “Epargne Salariale” are more than just a source of motivation for employees. They are strategic instruments that, if used properly, can propel your company.

Our specialist teams will work with you to maximise the benefits of these French systems for your business, while ensuring that you meet the imminent legal requirements.

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